lunes, marzo 08, 2010

Test your Spanish: Pretérito Indefinido-Perfecto Simple - e Imperfecto

¡Hola a todos! ¡Tanto tiempo sin verlos! (hello everyone! long time no see!) What about refreshing your Spanish language? ;-) or learning something new? In this class, we are going to use past tenses to tell stories (Pretérito Indefinido- Perfecto Simple- e Imperfecto) in role-playing and quick collective writing activities around the situation: ¡No sabes lo que me pasó!, We will work on writing and orality, so be ready to write and talk (therefore the need of a microphone too). The class is meant for those who have some command of Spanish (present and past tenses as prerequisite would be very helpful) but if you are a beginner, join us and we'll all help you.

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